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The function compares the installed packages with the the currently available ones on CRAN. Be aware this function only works if a version of dartR is already installed on your system. You can choose if you also want to have a specific version of dartR installed ('CRAN', 'master', 'beta' or 'dev' ). 'master' , 'beta' and 'dev' are installed from Github. Be aware that the dev version from github is not fully tested and most certainly will contain untested functions.


gl.install.vanilla.dartR(flavour = NULL, verbose = NULL)



The version of R you want to install. If NULL then only packages needed for the current version will be installed. If 'CRAN' current CRAN version will be installed. 'master' installs the GitHub master branch, 'beta' installs the latest stable version, and 'dev' installs the experimental development branch from GitHub [default NULL].


Verbosity: 0, silent or fatal errors; 1, begin and end; 2, progress log ; 3, progress and results summary; 5, full report [default 2 or as specified using gl.set.verbosity].


Returns a message if the installation was successful/required.


Custodian: Bernd Gruber (Post to